• Save money on soap and cleaning products
  • Save on energy bills
  • Protect your appliances
  • Revitalise your plumbing system
  • Revitalise your bathroom suite

Softened water protects appliances and revitalises your plumbing systems. Using less energy, soaps, detergents and packaging means less expense to you and less resources being used that impact on the environment. Switching to a water softener can save the average ‘hard water family’ over £250 a year. Because you’ll buy less washing and cleaning products – giving an estimated 50% saving – can free up more disposable income for doing the things you enjoy!

Just 0.5mm of scale in your system increases your average fuel costs by 9.4%. 1mm of scale will increase this to 12%. As a direct result from ‘preventable’ scale, your appliances and boilers also have to work harder and their overall efficiency will be reduced. With a water softener you can wave goodbye to new scale from forming and any existing scale will be reduced to save you money on energy and future repair bills.

Save on Energy Bills